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A 19+ Festival

MLUSA is set for June 9-12, 2017 at the Bethel Woods Center For The Arts (home of the legendary 1969 Woodstock festival) in Bethel, New York, the four-day event will feature over 90 musical artists--soon to be announced!  Single day tickets are now available at $119 for MYSTERYLAND USA. 




One of Mysteryland’s core philosophies is: the Festival Footprint. Mysteryland focuses on being organized in a sustainable way by relying on local participation and interaction, with attention on the surroundings and community--as well as sustainable projects--during and after the festival.   Be friendly to nature, be friendly to the people around you--it was part of the mantra of ’69 Woodstock and this permeates into the ideology of the Mysteryland USA festival footprint.




Additionally, a full list of on-site initiatives will include:

Holy Ground Camping 21+: The Mysteryland ‘Holy Ground’ on-site camping experience speaks for itself, with attendees camping right on the sacred grounds of Woodstock ’69. 3-Day + Camping passes start at $284, with Premium (VIP), Easy Tents and luxury Bird’s Nest camping packages available. Click here for more info. 

Lander’s River Camping 19+: Visitors who are under 21 or who wish to camp off-site have the option to reserve a spot at Lander’s River. The Narrowsburg Campground at Lander’s is in close proximity to MLUSA, with shuttles running throughout the weekend to transport attendees to and from the festival safely and conveniently. Click here for more info. 

Transportation: In an effort to reduce traffic and the festival’s carbon footprint, Mysteryland has partnered up with FestDrive to offer shuttle services from several cities to and from the festival.  Services will be provided for both Holy Ground campers and weekend day visitors. Click here for more info.

Shuttles: In an effort to reduce traffic and our carbon footprint, Mysteryland will offer shuttle services from several locations--New York City’s Grand Central Station, LaGuardia Airport, JFK Airport, Albany and Newark International Liberty Airport--to and from the festival on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Additional information can be found here.

Carpool: Mysteryland encourages carpooling, not only by offering a ride sharing option through Rickyrides, but also by incentivizing patrons who carpool with at least four friends per vehicle through on-site prizing including: MLUSA merch and much more.


Green teams & green collection points: Mysteryland will have green teams walking around the festival area who will be responsible for picking-up, separating, and properly disposing of garbage. This will greatly reduce the ecological footprint of the festival by keeping the land beautiful and differing recycled goods from the ending up in the landfill.  Mysteryland will also reward the sustainable behavior of attendees, by handing out garbage and recycle bags to its on-site campers. There will be several garbage collection points where campers can drop off their trash and recyclables and sign up for a raffle.

Water Project: ID&T launched its ‘Water Project’ in 2013, providing free tap water to visitors of every event and festival around the world that it produces. The vision is simple: “Water should be free and available for everyone in the world, and thus also at our festivals.”   Mysteryland will provide free drinking water to everyone at the festival and in the campgrounds.  Water refill stations will be located around the festival for easy access to drinking water throughout the weekend. Mysteryland will also sell re-usable branded water bottles, for those who didn’t have their own.   The festival aims to create awareness of the more sustainable alternative to bottled water.

Camping Recycling Program:  Following the Mysteryland weekend, any tents left behind will be donated to local charities, further reducing the waste to landfills.  Drop off points at the exits will be available for campers who would like to donate their tents and other camping supplies.

Pedal Power:  Mysteryland staff will utilize bicycles around the beautiful grounds of Bethel Woods, further reducing emissions and the overall impact on the land.

Food & Beverage Vendors:  All Mysteryland food and beverage vendors are required to serve their products with biodegradable plates, cups and utensils. This helps keeps waste out of the landfill and generally reduces the festival’s impact on the environment.

Re-seeding: Mysteryland is a guest of Bethel Woods and understands the ecological impact that the festival leaves behind. Mysteryland will clean up, re-seed and repair any damaged grounds so as to only leave a small Festival Footprint behind.


A variety of ticket, camping and travel packages are on sale now with single day tickets are available for $119. Prices range from $199 for a NOMAD three-day GA pass to $284 for a GA pass with camping; premium three day, $504 to platinum VIP, plus camping, $899.

Festival Information

MYSTERYLAND is the longest running electronic music, culture and arts festival in the world, active since 1993 with international editions in Chile, the Netherlands and the United States.

Mysteryland USA
June 9-12, 2017
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
Bethel, New York
19+ festival


About Mysteryland
Mysteryland dates back to 1993 in the Netherlands and is now the world’s longest-running electronic music, culture and arts festival in the world. With a clear focus on culture, art, talent, creativity and sustainability, the festival takes visitors to inspiring and surprising worlds where literally anything is possible. The first international edition of Mysteryland was held in Chile in 2011. In May of 2014, Mysteryland made its stateside debut at the site of the legendary 1969 Woodstock Festival and now returns for its third US edition June 10-13, 2016. Mysteryland is an ID&T concept. 


  • Friday, June 9, 2017 TBA
  • Saturday, June 10, 2017 TBA
  • Sunday, June 11, 2017 TBA
  • Monday, June 12, 2017 TBA


All dates, acts, times and ticket prices subject to change without notice.

  • Jun 9 - 12 , 2017
  • Bethel Woods Center for Arts
  • A variety of ticket, camping and travel packages are on sale now with single day tickets are available for $114 and 50/50 payment plans available through Saturday, April 30.  Prices range from $234 for a NOMAD three-day GA pass to $319 for a GA pass with camping; premium three day, $464 to platinum VIP, plus camping, $849.  For those looking for a ready-made experience, packages include NOMAD three-day, plus a Mysteryland branded pre-set up tent (with a two-person air bed and two sleeping bags located in the Easy Tent Community of the on-site Holy Ground campgrounds), $899 to a fully accommodated authentic Catskills mountain resort complete with accommodations for three nights, price upon request.  On-site camping is 21+ only. Off-site camping options (19+) at Lander’s River Campgrounds.  Other festival options include travel packages, parking passes, locker and power rentals and group “Friendship Camping” in the Holy Ground campgrounds that can accommodate between 10-12 people. 

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