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Value of the Arts and Humanities

These disciplines explore, share, and recreate expressions of human experience. Exploration can have a positive impact upon both the individual and community through direct involvement, audience participation, and the presence of artists and arts organizations and institutions. We recognize and value their contribution to building individual capacity and contribution to communities.

Early and continued exploration and participation in the arts is key to building creativity, confidence, and problem solving skills, instilling perseverance, focus, and determination in participants. The contribution to individual social, civic, and academic success can, in turn, positively affect participation in civic engagement and community bonding.

Likewise, the field of humanities is nothing short of a deep and abiding celebration of the human spirit—an exploration of what defines us as individuals, as a community, as a society. The pursuit of the humanities gives meaning and connects us with other individuals around the world through a respect and empathy for other perspectives and backgrounds. It gives relevance to the past and prepares individuals to shape a more positive future.