Adult Fine Arts Studio

lady with watercolor
flower watercolor
  • Thursdays, October 5- November 9, 2023 | 6 - 8:00 PM

  • Please be aware this class is offered in limited capacity to ensure maximum impact

  • The Conservatory
  • $125 GA | $112 Members

Get your creativity flowing during an introductory mixed media course! 

During this six-week program designed for beginner artists, participants will explore the basics of drawing, watercolor painting, and mixed media while obtaining an understanding of artistic traditions, approaches, vocabulary, and themes as well as developing an artistic voice. 

Adult will walk away with the basic skills and practices necessary to begin their own personal fine arts journey. This product-based studio course is a perfect introduction to the exciting world of creating visual art! 

Content is cumulative, weekly attendance encouraged. 

Week 1: How do they do that? Exploring the science of perspective and how to create the illusion of 3D (depth and space) on a 2D (flat) surface studio session.
Week 2: The path of a moving point: why LINE is divine! Exploring pen and ink texture, value and form.
Week 3: Watercolor isn’t just for kids! Watercolor investigations and techniques 
Week 4: What is Mixed Media anyway?! Materials and practices on this fine art.
Week 5: Putting it all together - an independent studio session
Week 6: Revise, Finish, Reflect and Share! Independent studio session and group show/reception

Meet Your Instructor :Elizabeth Bassett

Elizabeth Bassett received an MS in Art Education from SUNY New Paltz. As a self-proclaimed “nerd” it is only natural to enjoy the art of teaching and supporting learners on their creative journey. Exploring one’s voice through photography can be both life altering and joyful. Elizabeth has been a Secondary Level Art Educator in a public school for 25 years. She is also a Wife, Mother, Dog-Lover, and Outdoor Enthusiast.

"With 43 years experience creating visual art, it is my sincere mission to help others explore their creative side. Each and every human has the ability to make wonderful visual art, it is a matter of tapping into it! Providing a safe and experiential learning environment is key to opening the door to one’s abilities. Through skill building and mindful practices I encourage participants to find what makes them creatively excited and strive to delve deeper in their artistic journey"- Elizabeth Bassett

About The Series:

Young people from across our region come together after school at Bethel Woods, where talented Teaching Artists from the local community impart their creative skills in a variety of music and studio art classes framed by our legacy location. Bethel Woods provides a welcoming space for all abilities.

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