Around The Grounds and Behind the Scenes

Exploring the historic site and exclusive gallery backstage of the Pavilion
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grounds of bethel
grounds of bethel
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  • Tuesdays, August 17-October 5 | 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

  • $15 per person; offered in extremely limited quantity.

It’s easy to see how these grounds hosted over 450,000. But it certainly isn’t easy to SEE everything on the grounds!

Get direct access to the stories, research, and operation of the Woodstock historic site, including the festival field, Bindy Bazaar Trails, and Monument from the comfort of a golf cart. You think this sounds like star treatment? These guided tours also include a sneak peek of the Pavilion Stage and Artist Wing and the new exhibit, Gallery of Generations, proudly presented in collaboration with Taglialatella Galleries, that can only be seen by appointment.

Tour Details:

+ $15/person. Does not include museum admission.

+ Exclusive access to the Woodstock grounds and backstage access

+ Limited to (8) guests

+ For a limited time hosted by the Senior Curator of The Museum at Bethel Woods.

About Gallery of Generations

This exhibit, located in the Artist Wing and backstage area of the Pavilion Stage, highlights the work of Russell Young featuring an impressive roster of musicians and celebrities of the 1960s, delightfully displayed in the colors and splendor that stardom allows. Intensified by the juxtaposition between Young’s signature diamond dust screen printing and the bucolic setting of the 1969 Woodstock festival, Gallery of Generations will leave viewers intrigued and in awe of legacy, celebrity culture, and fine art. Pieces include James Taylor, Crosby, Stills and Nash and Marilyn Monroe.

Russell Young is a British-American artist best known for large silkscreen paintings using imagery drawn from recent history and popular culture. Young's artistic output includes painting, screen printing, sculpture, installations and film. Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Joaquin Phoenix, Jennifer Aniston, and Brad Pitt are among the famous fans of his work.

This gallery is proudly presented in collaboration with Taglialatella Galleries.