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Book Signing Meet & Greet

with Gary Westford
2021 special exhibit
2021 special exhibit
2021 special exhibit
  • August 14th 2021 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Free
  • In the Special Exhibit Gallery

As part of Anniversary Weekend, meet the person who helped us bring 1960s West Coast psychedelia to the Catskills.

Gary Westford is the lender and co-curator of our 2021 Special Exhibit Lights, Color Fashion: Psychedelic Posters and Patterns of 1960s San Francisco. Enjoy this opportunity to meet him, discuss his extensive poster collection, and hear more about his book Behind the Beyond: Psychedelic Posters and Fashion in San Francisco, 1966-71.

About the Curator:

Westford grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended San Francisco State College. It was during these years that he started collecting psychedelic concert posters and fashion. He later attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied with Bay Area Figurative painters. Westford moved to Oregon in the late 1970s and began a long career as an arts educator committed to social justice and change. He worked for twenty-three years in juvenile and adult prison systems in California and Oregon, using art to promote growth and social change for inmates. In 1991, he was the recipient of a national teaching award in corrections education. He continues to create art and his pieces have been included in numerous major national juried exhibitions. He is currently represented by Dab Art Gallery in L.A.

About the Exhibit:

Our 2021 Special Exhibit showcases a phenomenal ensemble of San Francisco rock posters and fashion from the kaleidoscopic years of 1964 to 1972 gathered by collector Gary Westford. Highlights of the exhibit include rock posters by all of the “Big Five” poster artists and a light show by renowned San Francisco light artist Bill Ham.



Saturday | Anniversary Brunch

A meal in the open-air Market Sheds, plus lender and co-curator of our 2021 Special Exhibit Gary Westford speaks to his work as an artist and collector.

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Daisy Drop

Saturday, August 14. A live golf ball drop from helicopter over the historic festival field during Anniversary Weekend.

Daisy Drop

Alumni Salon and Happy Hour

Sunday, August 15. Bringing together Woodstock alumni, aficionados, and other interested individuals to meet and discuss various topics related to new research and exhibits

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