Create Trickster Masks

Art-making for all ages!
  • October 27th 2019 11:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Museum
  • $10 donation for materials per person or FREE with museum ticket
  • No pre-registration required.

Release your inner trickster and make a printed animal mask from recycled materials, as part of Halloween at the Woods

Museum Drop-In workshops are open to all ages, inspired by the Museum’s collections, special exhibitions, and the spirit of the '60s. Topics rotate on a weekly basis as peace, love, music, art, and togetherness are paired with essential, art-making skills.


Drop-In Sessions are $10/person for materials or free either with a Museum ticket or for Art, Music, Woodstock for Kids participants.  Learn more here!

While You're Here...

Halloween at the Woods

A free day of family fun!

girl at halloween

2020 Special Exhibit

Lights, Color, Fashion: Psychedelic Posters and Patterns of 1960s San Francisco

silhouette of a women

The Bindy Bazaar Trails

The Bindy Bazaar Trails lets guests explore the area and see historic evidence of how the woods were used during the Festival. 

Bindy Bazaar Trails signs on trees in woods