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WoodsTalk: Live Presents "Dialogue Arts Project in Action"

WoodsTalk: Live --Events that  speak to the arts and humanities, the power and possibilities of the lessons of the 60's.

WoodsTalk:Live on October 6, 2015 features an interactive evening with NYC's Dialogue Arts Project educator and Program Director Jon Sands. To Register for this FREE Event, email [email protected]

How Can You Say That!? How Rude! You Can’t Use That Word!

Do you ever feel that no matter what you say you upset someone? Why has language become a frontline for identity? Do words really define who we are?

If language seems to dangle precariously on the tip of your tongue these days, come see Dialogue Arts Project harness the power of storytelling and art through the lens of poetry, creative writing, and performance to engage in a candid conversation about today’s difficult social terrain. Perfect for school teachers, college instructors, volunteers, docents, service workers, community coordinators – anyone who works with the public --so, all of us!

What are others saying about Dialogue Arts Project?

  • “Life-changing, inspiring” - New York University
  • “Uniquely thoughtful and gifted educators!” - Columbia University
  • "DAP is vital and revolutionary!" - The WordxWord Festival

Limited space for this FREE event! To reserve your spot now email [email protected] with your name, email and phone number.

WoodsTalk: Live invites dynamic and engaging speakers to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts to lead explorations into the power and possibilities of arts and humanities, inspiring us to think critically and provoking us to become engaged members of our communities.  These events are live conversations where music, the ‘60s, and the value of arts and humanities will awaken the lessons of the past into their relevance today.

Support for WoodsTalk: Live is provided by the SL Gimbel Foundation Advised Fund at The Community Foundation.


  • Oct 6 , 2015
  • Museum Theater
  • 4:30PM Doors Open
    5:00 PM Lecture Begins
  •  FREE! To reserve your spot now, please email [email protected]