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Lunar Weekend

Lunar Weekend will celebrate the evolution, tenacity, and legacy of the human spirit in honor of Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary and other landmark 1969 movements. 1969 marked an exceptional year of cultural consciousness and many revolutionary ideas found their footing at this time. Space Exploration was a profound and peaceful transition that harnessed the power of media to reach people in ways never known before. This important anniversary is celebrated in our Crossroads Gallery with the exhibit We Are Stardust.

Lunar Weekend will include films, hands-on activities, speakers, and out of this world fun.

Friday, May 17: Stargazing Sleepover
Lunar weekend begins with a sleepover at the historic site! Sleepover at Bethel Woods and star gaze in the night! Experience the Lunar Festival weekend in a special way with your family and stay all night on our beautiful grounds. Join us and unleash your inner shining star! Children must be between the ages of six and thirteen and accompanied by an adult (age 21 or older).

To learn more about the Sleepover's activities, please click here.  Purchase your ticket here.

Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, May 19th : Lunar Festival: See if you have what it takes to be an astronaut, and visit our special exhibition We Are Golden and Crossroads Exhibit We Are Stardust.

Explore the universe in our inflatable planetarium!

Sat and Sun show times: 11:15, 1:00, 2:15, 4:00pm


Show 1: Grand Tour of the Universe

We’ll fly you out from the Earth to the very edges of space and time!  At least, as far as we can see.  Along the way, we’ll tour the Galaxy, our closest galactic neighbors, plus some of the weird stuff in the early Universe.  At the end, if time remains, we’ll take requests and fly wherever you like!


Show 2: Exploring the Solar System

50 years ago, humans went to the Moon. Since then, NASA and other organizations have sent robots to a myriad of other bodies in our solar system.  Let’s see where they’ve gone and what they found!  Starting with Earth’s satellites and Moon, we’ll visit other objects such as planets, asteroids, and more, as we explore our Solar System.  Once we’ve reached the “edge” of the Solar System, we’ll fly back in and take requests.


Other activities happening on both days include:

  • Mad Science – “Space Spectacular” and “Fire and Ice” interactive projects
  • Talks with NASA Solar System Ambassador Laura Jean Checki 
  • Moonscape Selfie Photo Area
  • Apollo Youth Art Contest
  • Martian Chronicles: Write your Science Fiction
  • Creating Flashlight Constellations with Teaching Artist Pam Cemelli
  • Library Story times and activities
  • Exploration with Catskill Astronomy Club/Telescopes and Solar Lens
  • Make your own Doodle Bots with Teaching Artist Liz Maloney
  • Moon Myth and Magic with Teaching Artist Karen Smyth
  • Innovation Station with Teaching Artist Adam Stennett
  • Astronaut Trial Challenge
  • Outdoor Seltzer Rockets
  • and more!

These activities are included in the price of Museum admission. Purchase your Museum ticket online and in advance for a discounted rate!

Plus, special performances from:

Allan Wolf -  Featuring  amazing facts, wacky characters, puppets, music, and of course, Allan Wolf’s engaging award-winning poetry. Wolf's interactive out-of-this-world introduction to our solar system and beyond is the perfect way to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Landing on the Moon.

Performance poet Wolf brings each planet to life with its own memorable personality. Saturn is a fashionista. Jupiter is a bodybuilder. Neptune sings the blues. Pluto and its moon, Charon, dance like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Elderly rockets reminisce at the Rusty Rockets Retirement home. Members of the audience become famous astronomers or robots who rule the world. 

This presentation is based on Allan’s new book titled The Day the Universe Exploded My Head: Poems to Take You Into Space and Back Again 


ann teed 1.PNGOn Sunday, Ann Teed’s Shooting Star Express presents "A Window to the Universe" - Musical comedy for children & families. Together we will dance with Cosmo the Dancing Dragon, swim with a Merry Mermaid from Mars and visit a Rain Forest at the edge of the Milky Way! This is an interactive, exciting music performance is for space explorers and their families. All ages welcome. 






Saturday, May 18: Deep Field
As part of the Vibrations series, enowned speaker and Grammy-winning composer Eric Whitacre presents Deep Field, a powerful new piece of music inspired by the Hubble Space Telescope, the world’s most famous space observatory, and its greatest discovery, the iconic Deep Field image. The new film illuminates the score by combining Hubble’s stunning imagery with bespoke animations to create an immersive, unforgettable journey from planet Earth to the furthest edges of our universe. 

Learn more and purchase tickets here.



All dates, acts, times, and ticket prices are subject to change without notice at any time. Ticket prices may increase on the day of.

  • May 17 - 19 , 2019
  • Bethel Woods Center for Arts
  • Friday, May 17: Stargazing Sleepover
    Doors open 6 PM.
    Purchase your ticket here.


    Satruday, May 18 & Sunday, May 19: Lunar Fest
    Doors open for both days at 11 AM - 5 PM.
    Included in the price Museum admission. Purchase your ticket online & in advance to save!


    Saturday, May 18: Deep Field
    Purchase your ticket here.