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The Museum at Bethel Woods Opening Day

featuring the 2019 special exhibit We Are Golden

The Museum at Bethel Woods presents We Are Golden, a very special exhibition that examines Woodstock and what the youth of 1969 wanted for the world, places the festival in the context of the positive societal changes it has spawned, and asks today’s youth what THEY are asking the world to do now. Concert for Bangladesh, Live Aid, Farm Aid, We Are the World, Earth Day, the Peace Movement, Women's Movement, LGBTQ Movement, #metoo, the Women's March and student gun control movement all have their roots in the 1960s. This exhibition uses the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair as a metaphor for the tumult and human response of the entire decade of the sixties in the hope that young people today may draw inspiration to articulate what it is that they want from their own world in their own time.


  • Saturday, March 30, 2019 TBA


All dates, acts, timesĀ & ticket prices are subect to change at anytime without notice.

  • Mar 30 , 2019
  • Museum