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PI: Photography

Introductory digital photography intensive program for 14-18 year old teens!

PI: Photography is a digital photography immersion program for 14-18 year old teens. Within the 11 week program the teens will use digital photography as their artistic vehicle for expression. We will focus on how to produce, manipulate and curate images through history and modern day techniques.

The attendance policy for this program is strictly enforced. Teens are allotted up to two absences during the program.
During the program teens will be held accountable for their point and shoot camera, tripod, flash drive and other equipment with the opportunity to keep the camera at the end! At the conclusion of the program the teens will have produced a photo book and photography exhibition with their original imagery.                
The photography exhibition will be on May 24th from 6-9PM in the Event Gallery at Bethel Woods!

We require all applicants to write a 400 word maximum statement on the following prompt: What inspires you to participate in PI: Photography? Your response will put this statement at the end of your application. To apply click here!

Project: Identity provides opportunities for regional teens to engage in the arts while cultivating skills for college, career, and civic life in a social and creative environment. Each installment of Project: Identity focuses on a specific art form and works to inspire imagination, innovation and professionalism within its young particpants, fostering success in future endeavors. Project: Identity provides teens in our community with a needed opportunity to create a well-rounded lifestyle that includes participation in the arts and an inspired push for empowered action.

No prior art, music, theater, creative knowledge necessary.


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  • Mar 1 - May 24 , 2017
  • The Conservatory at Bethel Woods
  • Sundays 1-5PM and Wednesdays 6-8PM (no class Easter Sunday)
  • No Cost, APPLY HERE!


    With your application, answer the following prompt: What inspires you to participate in PI: Photography?


    All applicants will be notified by February 22, 2017 on the status of their application.