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Woodstalk: Live presents Art & Knowledge

Drone - Photography From The Air

Join talented local photographer, Kevin Ferguson…and his drone! Together participants will  explore the latest photography techniques and tools. Kevin will demonstrate how technology and art intersect, how the tool changes the art, how to acquire and license a drone, how to fly it, and how to attach a camera and take pictures remotely from the sky.

  • Doors: 5:30PM
  • Demonstration Begins: 6:00PM in The Museum Lobby
  • Cost: FREE and open to the Public (ages 15-115)

This installment of WoodsTalk:Live  gives visitors to BWCA a chance to explore and compare today’s state-of-the-art photographic technology with what Woodstock attendees may have found ground-breaking. Participants will have a chance to take photos using the BWCA grounds as inspiration.

WoodsTalk: Live invites dynamic and engaging speakers or panelists to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts to take us on explorations of the power and possibilities of the arts and humanities, inspiring us to think critically and provoking us to become engaged members of our communities.  These are live conversations where music, the ‘60s, and the value of arts and humanities awaken the lessons of the past and relate them to the issues of today.


  • Oct 25 , 2016
  • Museum
  • 5:30 PM Doors Open
    6:00 PM Demonstration Starts
  • Free and Open to the public age 15-115!