Dinner for 400,000

as part of Bethel Woods @ Home
woodstock monument at bethel woods
  • August 15th 2020 6:00pm
  • FREE!
  • Live from the comfort of your home!

“What we have in mind," Wavy Gravy announced, "is breakfast in bed for 400,000."

After that famous pronouncement at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair 51 years ago, little cups of granola were distributed by Gravy's Hog Farm commune.

Today, what we have in mind is a bit different, but will still include laughter, song, history, and most importantly, a sense of togetherness. Led by Tannis Kowalchuk of The Farm Arts Collective and Willow Wisp Organic Farm, and using the finest locally-sourced ingredients, this online workshop will guide you through the preparation of a meal inspired by the Hog Farmers at Woodstock from the comfort of your home.


*Attending this virtual event is free and you can register below to receive the recipes and shopping lists to cook along with Tannis. 

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About The Program:

Tannis Kowalchuk

Farm Arts Collective Artistic Director & Willow Wisp Organic Farm Co-Founder & Program Chef Lead

Tannis Kowalchuk is artistic director of Farm Arts Collective, flower farmer, cook, and co-owner of Willow Wisp Organic Farm. Tannis has directed and performed in over 30 original theatre productions in the US and Canada. Current projects include Stone Soup Cooking Class (writer/performer), Dream on the Farm (director). Prior to starting Farm Arts Collective, she was a founding co-artistic director of NACL Theatre with whom she created The Weather Project and Courage. Awards: Women and the Arts and Media Collaboration Award 2019.

About The Series:

Bethel Woods @ Home brings the sense of exploration and curiosity of our on-site programs to you from the comfort of your home.  Once a month, enjoy interactive lectures, performances, and workshops that explore our historic legacy and the healing power of art, creativity, and community.