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The arts and humanities help us to make sense of our lives, express ourselves, and help us to survive.

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Fuel Creativity. Grow Passion. Give on Purpose.

Bethel Woods is a very special place. It’s where a decade of cultural revolution and creative explosion in the 1960s culminated at the Woodstock festival. It’s where we learn from the past and make connections for a better future. We are committed to:

  • Create programming that explores the social, political, and cultural impact of the ’60s, the spirit of the Woodstock festival and its impact on the nation and the world.
  • Present multidimensional arts programming that builds capacity and character, supports healthy expression, and inspires participation and continual learning.
  • Continue and expand our efforts to support our community and revitalize the cultural and economic life of our region.

We invite you to learn more about our impact and what it means to become a donor to Bethel Woods.

Make the world a more caring place.

Bethel Woods Center of the Arts is a special place. It’s where the cultural revolution of the 1960s came to an epic conclusion during the Woodstock festival, and it’s where innovative and inspiring creativity happens every day through arts programs that ignite a life-long passion for self-expression. Through award-winning museum exhibitions, ongoing preservation initiatives, and special events that broaden minds and open doors to new experiences, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is committed to providing a place where all are welcome.

As a not-for-profit cultural organization, Bethel Woods stands for all that the arts represent and do for humanity: enrich lives, inspire understanding and change, and help make the world a more caring and kinder place to be.

We invite you to learn more about our mission and values, and to understand the impact of what it means to become a Member at Bethel Woods. Through the generous support of people just like you, we’ve been able to expand our arts programming beyond the 800-acre campus to include regional schools, and to develop new and innovative workshops for artists of all ages. When you give to Bethel Woods, your generous donation means that we can foster a new generation of artists, continue to develop programming, and enhance historic preservation and environmental conservation efforts.