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As 2019 draws to an end, your support furthers our shared legacy and advances the spirit of 1969.

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The nonprofit mission of Bethel Woods is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and empowering through the arts and humanities.  As the 50th anniversary year of Woodstock comes to a close, we could use a little help from our friends.

You can help us bring the ideals of 1969 and our mission into the future. As a donor, you can make a difference in our three central areas of impact:  programming, preservation, and presentation.

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Museum Education and Creative Programs provide the foundation for Bethel Woods by inspiring individuals celebrate our heritage and contribute positively to the world around them.   Youth education opportunities, workshops, performances, films, and cultural events provide engaging programming for participants of all ages. 

Inspire the next generation through creative programming.


As stewards of the historic site, it is paramount that Bethel Woods continues to discover and develop, yet preserve the sacred grounds. Ongoing preservation projects include the restoration and reopening of the Bindy Bazaar Trails.  Future projects include a virtual reality tour that will allow guests to travel back in time and see what Woodstock was like.

Help us preserve the historic site for future generations to also enjoy.


Presentation opportunities at Bethel Woods create shared experiences thatopen dialogues, inspire thinking, and awaken purpose. Emphasizing the value of the arts and civic engagement, these opportunities allow us to bring the legacy of the past into conversation with the movements of today.

Help us keep community engagement going.

Your Giving Is Golden

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Because giving now, in this special year, lays the groundwork for keeping Bethel Woods strong for the next 50 years.