How Your Giving Helps Bethel Woods Thrive

Can you imagine a more civil and kind world? Can you envision a world where people live their lives with passion, purpose, and meaning?

woman giving talk at Bethel Woods

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We can. Your support means there are opportunities for individuals of all ages to live creative, engaged lives.  It also means preserving and using the 1969 Woodstock festival site in our care, the Museum at Bethel Woods, our world-class performance venues and our educational spaces for the benefit of everyone who visits us.

Your contribution enables our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to invite people of all ages to explore, experience, educate, inspire, and enrich their lives through our Museum, Education and Creative Programs. We are dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the social, political, and cultural heritage of the 1960s and to the relevance of that heritage today. By demonstrating your support of our mission, you are helping people discover and feed their individual creative passions and ultimately to live purposeful lives, contributing to a more civil and kind world.

It’s only possible to achieve this with generous support from people like you.  Gifts of any amount are deeply appreciated. If you’d like to discuss giving via stock transfer, or bank transfer, or if you have any other questions about making a contribution to us, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for supporting us this year, we are especially grateful for your contribution.