Buy a Paver, Make Your Mark

More information about how you can purchase a paver in 2020 coming soon!

Buy a Paver, Make Your Mark

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We are committed to preserving and interpreting the site in our care, and in doing so we recognize the contributions many people have made to give us this valuable resource.  The grounds, our museum, and its contents possess important physical reminders of our distinctive 1960s heritage, which are worth preserving and sharing with others.

Our future plans as stewards of this distinctive heritage site include the opening up of a newly-restored trail system in the Bindy Bazaar Woodland, restoration of the Woodstock stage area and the creation of a scenic interpretative outlook at the top of the field. Your gift today helps us achieve these important plans for the benefit of future generations.

Your gift ensures that visitors will explore and understand the impact of the social, political and cultural experiences that emerged from the 1960s and how they are inextricably linked to the values and freedom of cultural expression and appreciation that we enjoy today. 

Please check back for more information regarding purchasing a paver in 2020.  To make a contribution to the preservation of the historic site, please click here.

If you purchased a paver before December 31st, 2019 please note the following:


Gift Certificates Are Available!

  • If you purchased a paver for someone to inscribe themselves and would like to give them a gift certificate, please click here
  • If you purchased a paver for someone, chose the message on it, and would like to give them a gift certificate, please click here.


Paver Details

  • Each 4" x 8" brick paver is etched with your own personal message and stamped with an exclusive anniversary insignia, available only on pavers purchased through December 31st.
  • Your paver will be incorporated into the classic design of the pathway at the venue entrance and remain as a lasting symbol of your support.
  • The perfect way to honor or memorialize a friend or family member, or commemorate a special anniversary, birthday, or other life event.


Paver Installation Schedule

  • Pavers ordered after September 15, 2019, and prior to 2020 will include the 50th Anniversary insignia, but will not be placed into the ground until Spring 2020. Please note that installation dates ultimately are weather dependent.
festival field

Why Did You Purchase A Paver?

Pavers are a great way to commemorate a special person or occasion in your life.  You cement your legacy while becoming a part of ours.  Some of our generous donors share their reasons for purchasing an anniversary paver below.

I was gifted the paver for Christmas.   It was the only thing I wanted.   It was in honor of my husband LJ Whitaker who died in 2013.  He went to the original Woodstock, leaving his car on the New York Thruway as Arlo was telling us it was closed.  LJ was very special.  

Connie Whitaker

I purchased a paver in honor of my husband Steven Ward who lost his battle with colon cancer at age 55.  Besides me, he left behind our three amazing daughters whom he adored. He and I loved music and going to live shows.  We only have seen a few shows at Bethel Woods, but he really loved the place.  I thought it would be a nice gesture in his memory. 

Karen Roth

Our message is “Peace, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll”.  Music plays an important part in our lives as a family, and we absolutely LOVE attending concerts at Bethel Woods.  Unfortunately, we have now moved to Cincinnati, OH, and it may be awhile before we are back, which is one of the other reasons we purchased the paver.  For our family name to be part of the Woodstock legacy, as well as being part of the amazing place that is Bethel Woods is very meaningful to us.  Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of history.

The Crume Family

Peace, Love and Music.  What else is there to say?

Billy Spiro

I purchased a paver because I was at the original Woodstock festival and wanted to commemorate this spirit living on. I am one of the lucky ones that attended the festival and went on to end up in a career in an environment that promotes everything that we believed in then and now. Some people say we were naive but no, they were and still are real values.

Jim Berlin