Volunteer Stories: Ken Brown

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 As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Bethel Woods relies on the generosity of volunteers who give their time, talent, and attention to our organization every year. We are so grateful for their contributions as they are a huge part of what makes our organization so special.

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week, learn a little bit about some of our volunteers, their interpretation of Woodstock, and how you can get involved!   

Meet Ken Brown, one of our valued volunteers!

What keeps you inspired?

“Family and friends.”

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Be yourself.”

What does Woodstock mean to you?

“I grew up in San Francisco and two years before Woodstock we had something similar, with west coast bands, and that influence. I like connecting the dots between where I grew up in the area in 1967 and here in 1969.”

What do you think we can do to live with more peace in our lives?

“Understand the other person, or try to. No matter how different we are we’re basically the same. We have more in common than we don’t. There’s nothing to fight over, folks, no matter what your position.”

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Fun Fact: "I'm tall enough to reach the ground."


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