Volunteer Stories: Lenny Tattenbaum

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 As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Bethel Woods relies on the generosity of volunteers who give their time, talent, and attention to our organization every year. We are so grateful for their contributions as they are a huge part of what makes our organization so special.

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week, learn a little bit about some of our volunteers, their interpretation of Woodstock, and how you can get involved!   

Meet Lenny Tattenbaum, who has been a volunteer at Bethel Woods for nine years!

What keeps you inspired?

“Well I’ve got a good wife. We’re eight months a year in Florida and four months a year here in the Catskills. Every day I’m thanking God for this.”

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“My dad always gave me the best advice ever, ever, when I knew more than he did, and now I’m still learning the lessons he tried to teach me when I was a kid. He had a lot of wisdom.”

What does Woodstock mean to you?

“It’s the most unique event ever, it was 3.5 days, half a million people, zero violence. Nowadays you can put 25 people in a room and they’re fighting. So that’s what Woodstock means to me, the power of example.”

What do you think we can do to live with more peace in our lives?

“You know, that’s attitude. I am in charge of very little in this world, but I am in charge of my attitude. That’s how I keep on an even keel.”

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Fun Fact: Lenny does magic tricks!


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