John M. Madera

hands covering a face

About the Artist

Age: 18

Grade: 12th

School: Roscoe Central School District

I hope people will understand the message of my photographs, and that each photo is meant to relate to their own personal experiences. Now more than ever, it is important to let people know they are not alone. Right now we aren’t able to do some of the things that make us happy. In quarantine, I am held back, so I find that I am representing those feelings in my work and expressing them to others. When I create an image that works, I feel fulfilled, like everything I’ve been learning and doing has paid off. I want my photos to trigger an emotional response in others and my goal is to impact people, or inspire them through my photography.

hands grasping a fence

Trapped, 2020

The image represents my emotional struggle with having to give up all of the important milestones I thought were guaranteed for my senior year. The hands grasp onto the fence in desperation of entering the place they miss most, my longing to go back to school.

an abandoned tower in the woods

Let Down Your Hair, 2020

This photograph manifests a feeling of apprehension. I wanted to create an image that had an ominous tone. This tone helps create a feeling of suspense and allows the image to tell a story.

hands covering a face

Into The Dark, 2020

Everyone has their own personal demons. In this portrait the woman succumbs to her fears, as she submits to the darkness.

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