Lauren Franza

Lauren Franza

About the Artist

Age: 16

Grade: 10th

School: Penn Foster Online School

It’s always so easy to miss out on the delicacies of nature and its beauty when life moves so fast, therefore I hope to inspire people with my work to simply enjoy the wonders of nature as they are. True beauty doesn’t have a price tag, oftentimes it is right in your backyard.

a small swarm of bees

Busy Bee, 2020

Bees hard at work, buzzing in and out of the hive to create and store honey.

No Trespassing, 2020

No Trespassing, 2020

A photo taken of the courtyard of an abandoned hotel. The symmetry of the wood is inviting and yet foreboding, leaving us to wonder what is at the end of that yard.

No Trespassing, 2020

Morning Routine, 2020

A photo taken of my sister's chickens and ducks being fed, enjoying their daily rituals blissfully unaware of what the world outside their coop is like.

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