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Suggested Itineraries

Finding something to do with the entire family during a weekend getaway is challenging, but the abundance of offerings in the Catskills region makes it easier!  Whether you’re surveying the breathtaking viewpoints of our natural landscape or exploring the music of the ‘60s at the site of the original Woodstock festival, everyone in your family will be entertained and inspired! Plus, have peace of mind when you return each night to safe and spacious lodging that doesn’t break the bank.

Does the hustle and bustle of city life have you down? What better way to relax and unwind than retreating to the Catskills? After decades of being known for their New York City Water supply and air that’s “Never Been Breathed Before”, now is your time to discover it firsthand. Walk on the historic Woodstock field, work up an appetite and enjoy plenty of craft beer and fresh farmers markets. You will return to work on Monday with a happy heart (and plenty of likes on your Instagrams).

Today presents no day better to begin discovering the Catskills.  Explore the region that served as a safe haven for music to thrive as you relive the iconic decade that shaped your youth.  When you’ve finished reminiscing, scope out your surroundings and pick up a new interest: from distilleries and antiquing to hiking and film festivals, there is a convergence of what you know and what you’d like to that will have you comforted and excited at the same time.

If you subscribe to the “treat yourself” methodology, you will have no trouble at all sticking to it during your visit.  Try your hand at games of chance (feeling lucky?) and then experience live music at Bethel Woods from a box seat, giving you the best view of your favorite performers. There is only one location all of these experiences can come together, and we sure are happy you’re here!

Step into Sullivan County and prepare to be enticed upon entrance!  The performing arts scene is thriving: it’s here that you can see inimitable presentations in the oldest operating professional summer theater and at the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival.  Return from a day of cultural surveying to your temporary home.  From luxurious to quaint and cozy, we can recommend accommodations to fit every style.