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Bethel Woods educator program

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Museum field trips and artist residencies bring the lessons of the sixties to life as students explore themes of individual expression, social consciousness, cultural engagement, empowerment, and inspiration. Please see below to explore our current offerings.  For more information about any of the following programs, please contact or call 845-583-2036.

Bethel Woods on Main

Rooted in our unique history as interpreted through the lens of the social, political and economic issues of the 1960s, our Teaching Artist program provides an opportunity for creative learning residences throughout the region: in libraries, non-profit organizations, schools and at community events. 

Customized creative learning experiences can be one day, or many, and will be structured to enhance any learning curriculum.  Our mission is to not only share the transformative power of the arts as an instrument for chance, self-expression, collaboration and purpose, but make it accessible to broad ranges of communities.

Available January-December

Have questions? Please email us or call (845) 583-2036.

E3: Engage. Experience. Explore.

Bethel Woods' E3 program brings visiting performance artists to your school to inspire, education and empower students (K-12) and educators.

Three ways you can get involved: In-School Partnerships This includes a school-wide assembly and classroom-based workshops for select classes.  Schools are asked to contribute an honorarium to support the cost of this program. Please note: Final schedule based on visiting E3 performance group lesson plans.

Attend an Out-of-School Performance With Your Class Bring your class for a free, educational field trip to the Event Gallery at Bethel Woods for an hour-long school day performance by the E3 Artist-in-Residence.  Transportation assistance available.

Attend an E3 Community Performance Free community performances provide an opportunity for everyone to join in the fun!  Artists-in-Residence share their work and provide a glimpse into the E3 experience to bring inspiration and a feeling empowerment.  

Have questions? Please email us or call (845) 583-2036.

Explore the 60s

Come Explore the ‘60s at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts! This program will immerse students, teachers, administration, and chaperones into the cultural explosion of the 1960s. 

Explore the '60s is a three-module learning experience.