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creative program at Bethel Woods

What is created when there is an event so transformative, the ripples of impact spread across time and space to influence the present and shape the future? An artistic community dedicated to making a space for artists of all genres, ages, backgrounds, and nationalities to come together over a shared desire to make the world a better place.

At its core, that’s what Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is: a place where art and inspiration, history and remembrance come together to create a unique, immersive experience inspired by the revolutionary decade of the 1960s.  

The Museum at Bethel Woods is the caretaker of Woodstock Festival memorabilia -- that iconic, world-changing event that took place over three days in August of 1969. No one at the festival could have predicted the impact the event would have on generations to come, or what it would mean to the world. The Museum and our Creative Learning Programs offer visitors the chance to explore the decade leading up to the festival, transporting each guest back in time and immersing them in the turmoil of race riots, the tumult of the space race, and the seemingly inevitable lead-up to the Woodstock Music and Art Fair.

It was a decade unlike any other that came before.  And today, we find much of our ideals and social platforms are rooted in ideas and movements birthed in the 1960s. Our Creative Learning Programs are inspired by the lessons of the 1960s, offering new, innovative experiences that are thought-provoking and engaging, successfully honoring the past and looking to the future

All art is inspiration fueled by creativity. Add a little history to the mix, and you get endless opportunities for discovery.

Join us at one of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts’ Creative Learning Programs and be inspired.