Captured at a Distance

Project: Identity Photography Virtual Gallery

photography program for teens at Bethel Woods

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

This quote from Arthur Ashe could easily be the motto for this year's PI Photography class. We started off meeting a few times in person and then the pandemic threw us a curve ball. We did not let it stop us; we picked up and used the resources and information we had and kept the creativity flowing. We were able to keep the learning remotely and the participants never seemed to disappoint with their images becoming stronger and more creative as we have progressed from week to week. This group of creative individuals flourished with their art and I was proud to see what they were submitting and how they were developing each week. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these students. - Stacy Roerig, Lead Teaching Artist

This year's exhibition, "Captured at a Distance" defines the students' unique perspectives, offering a glimpse into the home life of a select few students before and during social distancing practices and stay-at-home mandates. 

Project: Identity Photography is a free digital photography intensive for 14-18 year old teens.

This unique 12-week program provides an opportunity to learn the basics of photography, composition, camera use, as well as editing tools in Adobe Photoshop. Participants explore photography as a conduit for personal expression and storytelling. The group collaborates on a theme for the program and engage in workshops, visits with guest photographers, on and off-site shoots and excursions. 

Explore the work of our talented class below:

Meet Our Project: Identity Photography Staff

Stacy Roerig, Lead Teaching Artist

Stacy Roerig has a Bachelor’s degree from Marywood College and Master’s degree from Wilkes University. She currently teaches art, photography, yearbook, computer graphics, and beginning game design classes at Honesdale High School. Stacy has a passion for the arts with a focus in photography. She enjoys sharing her passion with her students and watching them grow creatively

Taylor Rogers, Assistant Teaching Artist

Taylor Rogers received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University. She is a program associate for the Museum Education and Creative Programs department at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts leading education programs and supporting Bethel Woods teaching artists. She loves all forms of art and the ability to teach others the power of self-expression through their creativity.

“The Project Identity: Photography students exemplified wisdom beyond their years. They were all able to adapt to a completely new format, show compassion to each other as well as the instructors, and kept high energy and enthusiasm for learning and growing as artists. It was an absolute pleasure and extremely refreshing to work with this group of creative students, and I cannot wait to see where the futures guide them because I know their abundance of motivation and resilience will soar them to new heights!”

Brianna Torrens, Intern

Brianna Torrens is an alumni of the 2019 Project Identity Program and is currently finishing up her sophomore year at Tri-Valley Central High School. She loves photography and loves to teach her peers about taking creative outlets. While she has a lot of school ahead of her, she plans to continue to pursue a career in creative arts education.

Laura Burrell, Program Manager

Laura K. Burrell is Program Manager for the Museum Education and Creative Learning department at for Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. She is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, as well as a graduate of Drexel University where she earned a Masters in Science in Arts & Cultural Management. As an artist and educator, she draws connections between the ways in which we teach visual and performing arts and the broader applications that experiential education has on personal and professional development and community engagement. This is her second year working with Project: Identity Photography teens and has ‘all the warm feelings’ when the teens get excited talking about their photos during critiques.

Funding for Project Identity Photography has been provided in part by the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation and by Bethel Woods Center for the Arts members and donors. View a copy of our annual report for more about our supporters.