Charitable Donations, Partnerships & Volunteering with Bethel Woods.

The arts and humanities help us to make sense of our lives, express ourselves, and help us to survive.

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Help future generations understand the power of peace, love, and music.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, at the historic site of the Woodstock festival, brings the ideals of 1969 into the present with a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals through the arts and humanities.

Corporate and individual donors to Bethel Woods provide support to sustain our organization and fund programming, preservation, and presentation efforts. With each passing year, it is clear that the most significant part of our story is the people who have touched our organization, through giving or volunteering their time.  

We are committed to:

  • Creating programming that explores the social, political, and cultural impact of the ’60s, the spirit of the Woodstock festival, and its impact on the nation and the world.
  • Presenting multidimensional arts programming that builds capacity and character, supports healthy expression, and inspires participation and continual learning.
  • Expanding our efforts to support our community and revitalize the cultural and economic life of our region.

Get involved and support Bethel Woods today, via any of the ways listed below from donating money or time, to purchasing gift cards and memberships. We look forward to serving others through our community events and our 1960s museum, with the help of your support.

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Bethel Woods stands for all that the arts represent.

Top priorities include enriching lives, inspiring understanding, and helping to make the world a more caring place.

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We are committed to providing a place where all are welcome.

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Through the generous support of people just like you, we’ve been able to expand our arts programming beyond the 800-acre campus.

This includes in regional schools, as well as develop new and innovative workshops for artists of all ages.

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You giving to Bethel Woods means that we can foster a new generation of artists.

Plus, continue to develop programming and enhance historic preservation and environmental conservation efforts.