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Volunteer FAQ

If you do not find the information you need below, please contact the Volunteer Services department by calling (845) 295-2626 or emailing [email protected]

Why Volunteer at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts?

Bethel Woods has become a vibrant, year-round center of activity which offers programming and events for people of all ages. Whether you are interested in our educational events, main stage concerts, community-oriented festivals or the history of our grounds, there is a way for you to be involved and have an impact on your peers. By volunteering your time at Bethel Woods you enable us to continue to grow, increasing the number of lives enriched by the arts; many volunteers find their own lives are no exception! The continual and meaningful involvement with diverse programming, guests and staff members keep many of our volunteers coming back year after year. Check out a few of our volunteers’ testimonials for more reasons to be involved!

Who Volunteers at Bethel Woods/How old do I have to be to Volunteer?

Bethel Woods benefits from a very diverse team that is about 150 volunteers strong (and counting). Our wonderful volunteers come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds and their many unique perspectives enhance the experience of the thousands that visit our site each year.

While volunteering is wonderful for people of all ages, we suggest volunteers be 18 or older in order to have access to all available opportunities. If you are under the age of 18, we will consider your application on a case by case basis – so still apply! We love having area youth involved with our organization and will do our best to facilitate your involvement. 

How do I become a Volunteer at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts?

  • Identify your personal goals and motivations for volunteering and your interest in Bethel Woods
  • Assess your preferences, skills and schedule to ensure our volunteer offerings will fit nicely into your life
  • Complete an on-line volunteer application and await information from Volunteer Services regarding upcoming trainings! You can always contact Volunteer Services for assistance if needed.

Do Volunteers choose their own assignments?

Each individual is able to select their own assignments via their profile on www.myvolunteerpage.com (which is created when you fill out the application). Many events are filled on a first come, first served basis (with a couple exceptions*), so be sure to check your email and this website often should you join our team!

We ask that our volunteers consider volunteering for a variety of activities to ensure that all posts are filled and that each volunteer learns about the many enriching programs offered by our organization. Please review the volunteer opportunities section to learn about the basic volunteer roles.

*While preferences are always taken into consideration, final volunteer assignments may be made by the Volunteer Coordinator and the Director of Operations based on need and abilities. 

Will volunteers be able to see or hear concerts while on assignment?

While some volunteer positions bring volunteers to the concert areas, many shifts do not. Regardless of the post, we hope that all volunteers will enjoy their service opportunities through interactions with patrons, staff, the community, the beautiful historic site, as well as the performances. Remember that while volunteering you will be keeping active by interacting with guests and walking around our venue.

If I Volunteer in the museum, will I be offered additional information about the 1960’s decade and the Woodstock festival so I can be more informed when speaking with guests?

Absolutely! One of the top priorities of our program is to ensure that our volunteers are properly informed so they can better serve our guests. There are many resources to learn about the content of our Museum. Examples include written research and books that are available for loan, our Docent Program and occasional guest speakers.

The Docent Program is comprised of monthly meetings where research about the 1960s and Woodstock is discussed as well as a six (6) session training sequence and certification process that prepares volunteers to give guided tours of the exhibit. While guiding tours is great and encouraged, you may attend the Docent trainings/meetings simply to learn as well. 

How do I learn what to do as a Volunteer?

In an effort to ensure that all of our volunteers feel comfortable and knowledgeable while serving at Bethel Woods, we are committed to providing informative training sessions and on-site guidance. Before beginning your service as a first year volunteer, you will be asked to attend one Orientation & Training session and one Hands-On Training session. These training sessions take place each spring. While completing your service, additional training, supervision and guidance will be provided by paid staff members at all events. 

What is the dress code for Volunteers?

Concert, event and museum volunteers will be asked to wear tan/khaki slacks, a blue polo shirt provided by Bethel Woods, and closed-toe shoes appropriate for walking, assisting others, and climbing on steps or grass in the concert and event areas. White undershirts may be worn with the polo shirts. For more formal events, khaki/tan pants and a white collared shirt may be needed. A Bethel Woods Volunteer fleece is available for purchase by interested volunteers.

What are the Volunteer responsibilities?

In addition to completing an orientation and training session prior to beginning their service, we ask that each volunteer strives to commit a minimum of 50 hours per year to our organization. These hours can be distributed between Museum, concert, event and administrative assignments depending on your personal interests. We also ask that our volunteers take their commitments seriously and cooperate with staff members and fellow volunteers as Bethel Woods is committed to providing a healthy and productive environment for all who serve here.

It is also imperative to your involvement that you regularly check emails and have internet access for www.myvolunteerpage.com. You will use this website to create your volunteer schedule, track hours contributed, access reference information and directly contact our department. Your profile on this website will also enable us to keep you informed of Bethel Woods Volunteer happenings. 

Is Bethel Woods run as a non-profit or for-profit endeavor?

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is organized as a 501C3 non-profit organization. Like many other arts oriented organizations, we rely on the combined efforts of a small year-round team and a large number of dedicated volunteers to produce, as well as expand, our wide array of program offerings. 

I can’t give my time right now, but would like to offer support in another way. How do I go about doing this?

We are very appreciative of your interest in Bethel Woods and our mission to inspire expression, creativity, and innovation through the arts.  As a not-for-profit, we welcome support of all kinds and in any form!  To become a member or to make a gift, click here.

What if I still have more questions?

You can always email [email protected]  or call (845) 295-2626 with any additional or more specific questions. We would be happy to hear from you!