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Cultural Landscape Report

Woodstock Festival Grounds Historic Site Cultural Landscape Report

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is situated on the site of one of the most significant cultural events of the 1960s—the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. We take our responsibility as stewards of this historic place very seriously, and in 2014 we commissioned a report to document the site and to recommend steps that we could take to better preserve and interpret the site for our guests.


Landscape historians and architects Heritage Landscapes produced an enlightening and detailed Cultural Landscape Report, which was accepted by the Bethel Woods Board of Trustees at their summer 2015 meeting. This CLR describes the natural and human-made features of the landscape in 1969 and the present. The landscape today remains remarkably similar to its historic condition, and the report makes 21 concrete recommendations for how the site can be better preserved, better interpreted, and made more authentic.

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Drawing 12 - Bethel Woods Today

This aerial photograph shows Bethel Woods Center for the Arts as it appeared in 2012. The solid orange outline shows the boundaries of the property that Max Yasgur leased to Woodstock Ventures for the festival, while the  dashed red, blue, and green outlines represent the significant Landscape Character Areas (LCAs) identified in the Cultural Landscape Report.

Drawing 3 - 1969 Site Plan

The historic site can be divided into three distinct “Landscape Character Areas:” LCA 1 Main Field, LCA 2 Bindy Bazaar, and LCA 3 Hog Farm (off this map to the left). This plan shows the locations of the major elements of the Woodstock festival: the stage, performers’ pavilion, Food for Love concessions, security, helicopter landing area, playground, Bindy Bazaar, and the original “main gate.”

Drawing 14 - Then & Now

The plan on the left shows the locations of the major places of the 1969 Woodstock festival, while the plan on the right shows the site as it is today. Recommendations of the Cultural Landscape Report will expand the public areas of the historic site, provide in-depth interpretation of the site, and make it easier for guests to visualize what the site looked like during the Woodstock festival.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Campus & Woodstock Music & Art Fair Historic Map

This Cultural Landscape Report was made possible in part by grants from:

  • Jeff Bank Foundation
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • The A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation
  • Preservation League of New York State
  • (The Preserve New York Grant Program of the Preservation League of New York State is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.)

Additional generous support from:

  • Jeffrey Allison and James Lomax
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Boyd
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ric Coombe
  • Donald F. Dembert
  • Robyn Gerry and Children
  • The Grillo Family
  • The Fishman Family and Majestic Drug Company
  • Steve and Sue Marton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schoor

And contributions from the following individuals:

  • Anthony C. Acunzo, Harold Appel, Patricia Arvonio, Christopher Ashwood, Bob Bishop, Gary S. Borer, William Burton, Michael Butkus, Anna Corridore, Thomas A. Cummings, Nicholas Denise, Scott Drumm, Dr. John and Nancy Farkas, The Fedun Family, Karen and Michael Fisher, James and Susan Fitton, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph X. Garvey, Myron Gittell, The Family of Dan and Rick Goggins, Richard and Karen Goodman, Susan & Steven Gottlieb, Wayne and Dorothy Griffin, Steve and Lynn Hastings, Tony Hayden, Donna C. Hunt, Dennis Kaus, Alan Kesten, Jim and Sammy Killilea, Donna Kortright, Eric Lobenfeld, Sam and Noreen McDonald, Michael Morreale, Jack and Nancy Neary, Dr. and Mrs. Michael Needle, Sue Newman, Joe Nolan, Steven Pacheco, Daniel and Teresa Prisciotta, Stephanie Richard, Mary Roth, Charles Rugoletti, Gary and Diane Silver, Claudia Smith, Joseph Solimena, Regina Stem in memory of Regina Heldrich, Ira Stone in memory of Bert Sommer, Mark C. Van Sluyters, Mr. Arthur Veilleux, Raymond Walter, Howard and Elsie Wasserman, The Weiss Family, James Weltzer