Virtual Print Making Workshop Address Confirmation

We look forward to seeing you at our virtual printmaking workshop!


Please use the space below to confirm your shipping address.

We will need this in order to ship you the following supplies:

  • Practice Block
  • Final Block
  • Water-Based Ink
  • Linocut Knife Set Carving Tool
  • Carbon Paper for Tracing
  • Brayer Paper
  • Daisy Design (for the practice block, if you would like your own instead – create a line drawing that will fit within a 3”x4” rectangle)
  • “The Music is Calling” design by Susan (the final block will be completed outside of class, you can utilize this sketch or create your own)

In addition, we ask that you gather the following materials ahead of class:

  • A Large Metal Spoon – to be used as a brayer
  • Pen – for tracing onto the block
  • Sharpie – to block out areas
  • Practice Block Sketch – if you do not want to utilize Susan's
  • Final Block Sketch – this can be created after the workshop
  • A computer with an internet connection to view the class


NOTE: If you have not received the supplies needed for this workshop through the mail one day prior to the event, please contact us here.