What it Means to be a Bethel Woods Volunteer

They smile, take your tickets, show you to your seats, open your eyes to the past, and reveal your hidden artistic talents. They are tireless, unfailing, and unceasing in their duty and passion.

They are the foundation of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. Its caregivers and caretakers. They are our volunteers.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Bethel Woods relies on the generosity of volunteers who give their time, talent, and attention every season. Just last year, our volunteers donated a cumulative total of about 13,500 hours.  This was time spent at Bethel Woods teaching arts classes, leading field trips, and helping concert-goers at the Pavilion and Event Gallery have an amazing time. They led guests from around the world through The Museum at Bethel Woods, and helped many discover the unique history of our historic grounds.

We’re always looking for passionate people to join our team of volunteers. Bethel Woods’ varied attractions and event calendar allows our volunteers to select a post, whether it’s helping with museum tours, concerts, leading a creative program, or assisting with administrative projects.

Read on to get a sense of the way in which your time spent as a volunteer will have a positive impact on the community:

  • Three hours volunteering in the Museum helps connect visitors from around the world to the events of the 1960s and the cultural significance of the Woodstock festival
  • Four hours volunteering with our arts-based education programming boosts confidence and instills a passion for the arts in the life of a child
  • Five hours volunteering with a class field trip helps a new generation to learn from the lessons of the 1960s
  • Six hours volunteering at a concert helps create memorable, high-quality experiences for music lovers of all ages

We offer volunteer orientation and training each spring and strongly encourage new volunteers to attend.

If you’re ready to join our team of volunteers, get in touch at volunteers@bethelwoodscenter.org or (845) 583-2122. Not sure where you want to volunteer? Fill out our online application to help us learn more about you and we’ll match you with the right volunteer post!

Volunteer at Bethel

Are you passionate about historic preservation and the impact one single act or moment can have on the future? Consider joining our group of volunteers. You’ll become part of a community dedicated to sharing your knowledge and interpreting our unique history for visitors from around the world. Assist concertgoers at The Pavilion – and listen to some great music in the process – help with arts-based education programs, and much more. Discover more about what it means to volunteer at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and join our community today!