Meet Me At Woodstock: An Augmented Reality Tour Experience

Experience Woodstock like never before with an augmented reality adventure at the music festival's historic site!

Bethel Woods guest using a tablet to experience an augmented reality tour

Exhibitions in The Museum

Discover the iconic fashion of the 1960s, listen to music from the era, and watch a series of films that bring history to life with original footage featuring the people, stories, sights, and music of the three-day Woodstock Festival. 

people sitting on bean bag chairs watching video of Woodstock at the Museum at Bethel Woods

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Until Further Notice, there are no Augment Reality Tours available. We are working to get the tours back up and running. Thank you for your patience. 

What to Expect

Meet Me At Woodstock is an augmented reality tour that gives guests the chance to experience the history of the Woodstock festival first-hand.

Hosted on a rented iPad and led by the voices of Nick and Bobbi Ercoline – the couple featured on the cover of the Woodstock album who are volunteers at Bethel Woods -  the tour uses audio narratives, ambient sounds, and augmented reality to immerse visitors in the iconic 1969 festival. Relive the legendary moments as a member of the 450,000 person crowd. Listen to legendary Woodstock artists from Hendrix to Santana, hear helicopters take off and land, “see” the stage as it was in 1969, and so much more, featuring numerous AR experiences across more than 15 acres of iconic landscape.

Tours are $5.00 with your museum ticket, or $8.00 standalone. Each unit will be sanitized between uses. Purchase Your Museum Ticket Here

Augmented Reality Tour FAQs

  • What is the Meet Me at Woodstock augmented reality tour?

    “Meet Me at Woodstock” is a guided, multimedia tour of the Woodstock historic site. It uses audio narratives, ambient sound, and augmented reality to immerse visitors in the iconic 1969 festival.

  • How much does Meet Me At Woodstock cost?

    Tours are $5.00 with your museum ticket, or $8.00 standalone.

  • How long is the tour?

    Average time is about an hour, and the full walk is just under 1 mile total.

  • What equipment is needed for the augmented reality tour?

    The tour is presented on an iPad mini, provided by Bethel Woods. Visitors are welcome to bring their own earbuds or headphones to plug into the iPad, but the tour can be enjoyed without these.

    Each iPad mini is sanitized between each use.

  • What augmented reality is in the tour?

    The tour shows visitors a 3-D model of the stage, virtual tour hosts Nick and Bobbi Ercoline (the couple on the cover of the Woodstock album), and pop-up photos and videos highlighting exciting landmarks around the historic site. Audio commentary from Nick and Bobbi is complemented by stories from Woodstock attendees, taken right from the Museum’s archives.

  • What historic content is in the tour?

    Never-before-seen photos and videos, never-before-heard stories from Woodstock performers, attendees and organizers. Topics covered include music, vendors, food, bathrooms, travel, and so much more.

  • Is the tour the same as the Museum / Main Exhibit?

    No! The tour is supplementary to the Museum, but provides brand new content. It allows you to connect with and understand the landscape in an intimate and immersive way that you just can’t get inside the Museum. 

  • Is there music on the tour?

    Yes! The tour incorporates music from the Woodstock performers, from Santana to Hendrix and many more! It also features an immersive, surround-sound audio experience (when used with headphones), complete with realistic ambient noise and sound effects.

  • How accessible is the tour for people with disabilities?

    We have worked to make our historic landscape as accessible as possible to all visitors. Due to the nature of our bowl-shaped field, the entire trail is not accessible per ADA standards for mobility. In consideration of all guests, the tour has been designed so that the entire experience can be enjoyed from our scenic overlook garden, which is fully ADA accessible and compliant. The entire tour also features closed captioning.

  • How has the tour been adapted for COVID?

    Each iPad is being thoroughly sanitized between each use. The tour can also be taken without earbuds, or you can plug in their own earbuds.

Meet Me At Woodstock is made possible by American Express, with additional funding provided by Empire State Development. It was developed in partnership with Antenna International and Earprint Immersive.