Camping Press Kit

“Cook your own food and breathe unspoiled air. Camp out: water and restrooms will be supplied.” – ‘Dove and Guitar Poster,’ Woodstock Music & Art Fair, 1969


Camping at Woodstock was one of the first planned and very intentional aspects of the festival when imagined by the organizers. “An Aquarian Exposition” was meant to transport concert-goers away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and transplant them into a beautiful, natural environment – the same environment that we are thrilled to welcome camping guests to today.


Festival organizers plotted out and rented specific parcels of land for camping, including a parcel on Best Rd., where our current RV and car camping sites have been set up. Woodstock site permit drawings, completed July 27, 1969, included camping for 87,000 people. At Woodstock, if you arrived early enough, you would have been directed to set up your camp site at one of these locations. If you arrived later… you grabbed whatever spot you could find!


While rock festivals were on the rise during the late ’60s, the idea of camping at one was pretty new. Woodstock forever changed our idea of what concerts and festivals could be – tents, cars, and sleeping under the stars included!


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Press Inquiries

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Approved Press Photos

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Camping Options Include:

Premier Tent-Only Camping

Stay-Put RVs

Looking to enjoy the luxury of an RV without the hassle of driving it? Stay-put RVs are coming soon!