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We spread peace and compassion for each other, our neighbors, and and the global community by creating shared experiences:

+ Hosting some of the best names in music at our 15,000-person amphitheater;

+ Producing award-winning exhibits in our museum;

+ Preserving and interpreting the expansive historic grounds;

+ Offering free to low-cost arts education programs for creatives of all ages.

As the year comes to an end, won’t you please consider making a gift?

Whether you attended a show during our pavilion season, had a chance to see the Special Exhibit Lights, Color, Fashion, or engaged with the spirit of the 1960s through one of our many programs, we hope your experience was inspiring both historically and personally. Your support will help sustain arts education programs, expand our historic preservation efforts, and help us to further build capacity for new programs around a pivotal moment in our nation’s history.

Thank you for your generosity and believing in all that is possible here at Bethel Woods.


Donate $1,800 or more and receive an 18”x24” poster of Max’s Peace sign / © Elliott Landy / (Please Note: Posters will be mailed in the New Year)


children walking through peace sign field at Bethel Woods

Woodstock is important, not only for its role in American history and impact on music and culture, but for its lasting influence on those who experienced it and on those who came afterward.

Woodstock monument

Our work to keep the spirit of peace and compassion for each other, our neighbors, and global community, alive by providing shared experiences.

We do this through the presentation of artists, the Museum and its exhibits, and our programs for children, young adults, and families.

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Shared experiences are extraordinary.

They bring joy and richness. They give a sense of fulfillment and spark creativity, conversation, and passion. We see this every day on the faces of our visitors.

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Your gift will help keep the spirit of community and peace alive.

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We look back in history to understand how we got to today – so we can hope to make a better tomorrow.

Ways To Give to Bethel Woods As An Individual

  • Amazon Smile - Set it Once, Give Every Time

    When you use, you purchase the same products at the same prices but Amazon donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. Set it once; give every time you shop.

    Go to Amazon Smile

  • Annual Fund - Inspiring the Spirit of Giving

    Give a smile. Make a wish come true. Open doors for aspiring artists and musicians.

    Annual Fund Donor Recognition Program giving levels:

    • CHAIRMAN'S CIRCLE $50,000+
    • CEO'S CIRCLE $25,000 - $49,999
    • CONDUCTOR'S CIRCLE $10,000 - $24,999
    • BENEFACTOR'S CIRCLE $5,000 - $9,999
    • SUSTAINER'S CIRCLE $2,500 - $4,999
    • ASSOCIATE'S CIRCLE $1,000 - $2,499
    • ENCORE CIRCLE $500 - $999
    • INVESTOR'S CIRCLE $250 - $499
    • GARDEN CIRCLE $100 - $249
    • PEACE CIRCLE $1 - $99

    Please consider contributing to our Annual Fund today. Call (845) 295-2501 or submit a contribution here.

  • Create a Personal Touchstone at Bethel Woods

    Become a permanent part of Bethel Woods when you purchase an anniversary paver. Placed along the pathway at the entrance to Bethel Woods, your personalized message is a lasting symbol of your special memories of this place – and your continued support of our mission.

    About the Paver Program
    You can help Bethel Woods grow and expand its offerings, including the opening up of a newly restored trail system in the Bindy Bazaar Trails. The paver program also helps support special exhibits, museum programming, and preservation projects.

  • Planned Giving

    Legacy giving is at the heart of the non-profit world. It establishes connections, ensures survival, and makes dreams possible – to the organizations, the donors, and those who benefit from such a generous act.

    Bethel Woods works with you and your team to arrange bequests, life insurance, gifts of real estate, retirement plan assets, charitable gift annuity, and charitable trusts. Planned giving allows you to protect the inheritance of your loved ones, while making a meaningful gift to an organization you care about. Help us provide educational programming, community outreach, museum programs, and more for all ages.

    Contact our Development Office today to begin your Bethel Woods legacy at (845) 295-2501.

  • The Williams Endowed Education Fund

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Williams of Dover, NJ and Bethel, NY established the Williams Endowed Education Fund at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. The fund provides tuition assistance for children and youth to participate in current and future programming, and transportation assistance for the children and youth of the Hudson Valley Region.

    Help the young people of our region discover their own potential and consider making a contribution to The Williams Endowed Education Fund. Complete our secure online donation form, and choose “Endowment,” under 'Area of Interest'.

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of appreciated property (such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds), held for longer than one year, allow you to bypass capital gains tax normally due when you sell the assets. This provides you a charitable income tax deduction that reduces the cost of your gift. Complete our gift of stock form.

Stock Transfer Process FAQs

  • Can Bethel Woods hold onto stock I transfer or must it be sold immediately?

    Bethel Woods does not hold onto stock donated for speculative purposes. All donated stock is sold immediately upon receipt.

  • How do I determine the value of my transferred stock for tax deduction purposes?

    Your tax deduction is determined by taking the average of the high and low price per share of the stock (your broker can provide you with this information) on the day it is transferred out of your account multiplied by the number of shares you donated. Your professional advisor should be able to provide you this information. Bethel Woods will provide a letter noting the number of shares of each stock we received to serve as record for tax purposes of the donation. You should consult your financial advisor advice on your specific situation.

  • How long does it take for my account to show the deposit of my transferred stock for my donor advised fund, campaign pledge credit, or supporting family foundation?

    Stock received is sold immediately with an open sell order we have with our brokers. Once sold, a check is issued to the Bethel Woods and then deposited into your account or as payment against a pledge you have made. The entire process can take up to 21 business days.

  • How will I know the stock has been sold?

    All stock received into our accounts is sold immediately upon receipt. If stock is transferred at the close of business or after-market trading, it will be sold at the soonest moment thereafter.

  • How will I know the stock has been transferred?

    You can confirm with your professional advisor that the stock was transferred to Bethel Woods. A letter confirming the receipt of your stock will be sent to you by the Bethel Woods.

  • If I make a stock transfer before December 31, but it does not post in my account until after January 1, do I get to deduct the stock donation for the prior tax year?

    Your tax deduction is determined by the day the stock is transferred to the Bethel Woods account. If you transfer stock on December 31, but Bethel Woods does not sell it or post it to your account until after January 1, you still receive the tax deduction for the year ending December 31.

  • What information does the Bethel Woods need from me about the stock transfer, and how do I communicate that to the Bethel Woods?

    Bethel Woods has multiple ways for you to communicate important information about your stock transfer. Bethel Woods needs to know:

    • who is transferring the stock
    • how many shares and symbol of each stock is being donated
    • when it is being transferred
    • from which brokerage house and account
    • to whom you would want credited for the donation

    You can relay this information via email to, or to our stock hotline at 845-295-2403.

  • Which broker / account should I transfer my stock to?

    Firm: DTC # 0188 TD Ameritrade Account # 866404192

    Account Holder: Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, Inc.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions regarding a stock transfer?

    Please email or to our stock hotline at 845-295-2403.

  • Why should I use stock to fund my donor advised fund, supporting family foundation, or pay a campaign pledge as opposed to a check?

    Donating appreciated stock may be more tax advantageous for you as you avoid any capital gains tax you would normally pay upon the sale of a stock. Please consult your professional advisor for information on your specific situation.

Looking to Donate A Woodstock Artifact?

Looking toward the future, The Museum would like for its permanent collection to be the definitive collection of 1960s and Woodstock-related artifacts and reference materials in the world. To reach that goal, there are some collecting areas that we need to concentrate on. Learn more about the items we're looking to collect and see if you have anything to contribute.

Donation Requests

Bethel Woods is committed to supporting non-profit organizations that share our mission of inspiring, educating and empowering through the arts and humanities. Submit your donation request and we'll get back to you soon.