The Rock Camp Ambassador Program aims to support the growth, creativity, and development of past PLAY Rock Camp students ages 14 and up. Exceptional students are hand selected by Bethel Woods Teaching Artists to participate based on the talent and commitment they exhibited during their time in PLAY Rock Camp. Participating ambassadors will gain experience in advanced ensemble techniques, songwriting, studio recording, and build a repertoire of songs to be performed at special events at Bethel Woods and beyond throughout the year.

Our talented team of teaching artists bring their experience and expertise to the program, introducing an expanded perspective on musical genres and enabling students to further develop their understanding of the techniques and skills of group performance. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own contribution to both the rehearsal process and performances, enabling them to understand their impactful role within the group. In this small group format, teaching artists can offer both group and individual coaching.

2024 EP Release


Written by Belle Zhou

Performed by the 2024 Rock Camp Ambassadors

Wonder Why

Written by Belle Zhou

Performed by the 2024 Rock Camp Ambassadors

Fever Dream

Written by Rae Napolitano

Performed by the 2024 Rock Camp Ambassadors


2024 Ambassadors

Belle Zhou, Elias Yacino, Gabby Gladding, Radek Evans, Rae Napolitano


Bill Moss, Peter Negroponte, Mike Edison

Teaching Artists

Peter Negroponte, Mike Edison, Kali Seastrand

Recorded at the STUDIOS at Bethel Woods


Sponsored By

Grimm Construction, Inc.