Did you attend Woodstock? 

Since 2020, the Museum has been deeply committed to the collection and preservation of stories from the people who know Woodstock best. In 2024, the Museum was awarded a major federal grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to continue the oral history pop-ups that were so successful last year. Throughout 2024, Museum curators are travelling the country and across New York state to capture your unique stories with an overall goal of collecting 4,500 Woodstock stories from the people who attended the festival. That is only 1% of those who found their way to Yasgur’s Farm. Yet this archive will be the most significant collective memory of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair and will be a defining legacy of the Museum.

If you worked at Woodstock, served as a volunteer, or had interactions with any of the organizations who came to Woodstock to aid with the festival, we want to hear your story.

If you came prepared to camp, slept in a tent, or cooked outside, we want to hear your story, too. We are preparing for a large exhibit on camping, and we are actively collecting both information and artifacts from attendees who came prepared and had a plan.


+ January 18-20: Ft Lauderdale/Boca Raton, FL
+ January 21-23: Orlando, FL
+ January 23-25: Tampa, FL
+ March 11-12: Boston, MA
+ April 1-3: New York City, NY
+ April 11-15: Santa Fe, NM
+ April 19-21: Cooperstown, NY
+ April 22-23: San Diego, CA
+ April 24-29: Los Angeles, CA
+ June & July: Several Places in New York – Stay Tuned!

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