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Woodstock artifact collection at The Museum at Bethel Woods

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Looking toward the future, The Museum would like for its permanent collection to be the definitive collection of 1960s and Woodstock-related artifacts and reference materials in the world. To reach that goal, there are some collecting areas that we need to concentrate on. We ask that collectors, Woodstock participants, and others consider The Museum at Bethel Woods as an appropriate home for the following:

  • Clothing, accessories, and costumes worn on-stage at the Woodstock festival.
  • Musical instruments and equipment used on-stage at the Woodstock festival.
  • Artwork displayed at the art fair portion of the Woodstock festival.
  • Original negatives, slides, or prints of photographs taken at the Woodstock festival.
  • Home movies shot at the Woodstock festival.
  • Woodstock staff shirts/jackets in each color (we already have red).
  • Original business papers, contracts, correspondence, etc. related to the festival.
  • Iconic artifacts of 1960s political or popular culture (for example: draft lottery numbers and cage; “I AM A MAN” placard from the Memphis sanitation workers strike).

What We DON’T Want

Because we already have several authenticated Woodstock tickets, and because there are so many fakes that are hard to detect, we do not accept Woodstock tickets. We also rarely accept autographed items unless the item itself (without the autograph) is needed for the collection.

To Donate

If you have an item to donate to the Museum’s permanent collection, please contact Robin Green at If you can attach a photo of your item, that would be appreciated. Please NO NOT bring your item to the Museum without first contacting us.