Volunteer at Bethel Woods

There are many ways to give to Bethel Woods, including your time! Volunteers are at the heart of what makes our events & programs so successful.

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Apply to be a volunteer today!

There is no minimum hour requirement and we are extremely flexible with scheduling. Apply here to start your journey!

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Check out our Virtual Open House!

Hear from current volunteers and Bethel Woods staff to discover how you can get involved during concerts, programs, festivals, and in The Museum. 

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Are you passionate about historic preservation and the impact one single act can have on the future?

Volunteer at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts!

You’ll become part of a community dedicated to sharing your knowledge and interpreting our unique history for visitors from around the world. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Bethel Woods relies on the generosity of volunteers who give their time, talent, and attention every year.

In 2022, our volunteers donated almost 20,000 hours to Bethel Woods! 

This was time spent leading guests through The Museum at Bethel Woods, and helping many discover the unique history of our historic grounds. Join a community of volunteers who make an impact. From Museum docents who are alumni of the original Woodstock festival to volunteers who help kids on a class trip understand the impact the 1960s have on today’s society and cultural movements, our volunteers are the heart of Bethel Woods.

INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? Attend our Virtual Volunteer Open House on February 1! Learn more here.

Where can you make a difference?


  • Museum: Volunteers in our museum help our guests to understand the significance of Woodstock and the culture of the 1960s by providing unique insight about our exhibits.
  • Concert: Volunteer your time to help create memorable, high-quality experiences for our concert guests, and listen to some of the world's most iconic musical groups & artists perform live at the same time!
  • Programs: Donate your time to our arts-based education programs that help teach a new generation the spirit of the '60s through music, crafts, and theater.
  • Festivals: Festivals celebrate the bounty, talent, and beauty of Sullivan County and are a much-anticipated and cherished series of events, reminiscent of the communal experience that occurred on the very grounds in 1969.
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    Why volunteer?

    • Stay busy. Studies have found that helping others has tangible benefits, both mental and physical, from lowering your blood pressure to reducing feelings of depression.
    • Meet interesting people. From guests to fellow volunteers, become a part of a community who also values history, music, and the arts - just as you do!
    • Work around your schedule. We offer extensive training and flexible scheduling with no minimum requirements. We're just grateful you're here!
    • Help make a difference in your community. You are helping create memorable, high-quality experiences for guests of all ages.
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